By burning oil coal and gas to supply the world´s energy we are causing the Earth to get warmer. By 2100 the average temperature of the world could rise 1.6 to 7C above the level in 1900.*1

Your help is needed to stop the world warming.

Climate Chnage: Our Warming World (Book)

The Book

Climate Change: Our Warming World is a book covering the cause, impacts and solutions to climate change with powerful photographs and succinct text. It concerns the most critical issue facing the world today and calls on your help to effect change.

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You can now buy the book Climate Change: Our Warming World at Sawdays Online Book Store

Climate Change Petition

Request that the Government pursues the implementation of a Global Climate Change Emergency Plan.

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Green Electricity Tariff Sign Up

Please sign up to a green electricity tariff today and help begin a consumer led expansion of renewable energy. Please protect the world and your children´s future.

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Saving Energy Tips

Please save energy at home and at work.

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